World Mints - Mints of the World
World Mints
A directory of world mints, both official and private, with notes about whether they produce collectors coins, supply direct to collectors, with lists of distributors where appropriate.
Contains addresses and other contact details, and links to websites.
Some countries have more than one mint, others have none, and use foreign mints on a contract basis when required. We have not attempted to list and cross-reference all these links between countries and mints because they tend to change frequently, however we will try to maintain a guide as to which mints produce or distribute collectors coins for most countries.
There existed previously a website "" which was operated by a consortium of just 7 official mints, but which excluded all others. We note that this previous site has closed, and there is no other site which exists with the sole purpose of listing all known major operating mints.

Mints by Country
Main index of mints alphabetically by country.

Organisation of this Site
We have tried to keep this site simple and functional. The main index page is the mints page which contains an alphabetical list of mints by country, with country name, mint name and address. There is an individual page for each mint or its country giving further information, including other mints for that country. We have also provided, in some cases, information about central banks, either instead of or in addition to mints. Mint website addresses are given on the individual mint and country pages, together with links.
The main link given is for the main URL or domain, any language variants are given as separate link to save you time finding them yourself, and also to let you know here what languages are supported.

Much of the information on this site is culled from publicly available sources, some from correspondence with the relevant mints or other government departments. There is also a degree of input based on personal experience, and some of the mint descriptions include an amount of individual opinion. Although many mints have excellent websites and provide readily found contact information, others appear to guard all information as a state secret. Some mint websites require enigma type detective work to find their contact or address pages, or to fathom their navigation.

Mints & Central Banks
Brief notes about the different roles played by mints, central banks, national banks, treasury department, currency authorities, and other organisations related to the issue and distribution of coins.

Statistics & Progress
A quick view of the number of entities listed on this site.