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Mint NameEuromint Project
DescriptionProject for preservation of historical mints.
LanguagesCzech, English, Portuguese, Spanish

Euromint is a project co-financed by the European Community (E.C.) through the programme Ecos-Ouverture with the goal of creating an European Itinerary of Medieval and Early Modern Mints
This project involves three international partners from Porto (Portugal), Segovia (Spain) and Kutná Hora (Czech Republic). These cities’ engagement in the project is due to the fact that they preserve the premises of past Mints that are being under restoration, through the creation or renewing of museum-like spaces. However, the project’s purpose will only be reached by connecting, within the itinerary, other European buildings and museums that still preserve the memory of medieval and early modern mints.
It is intended that the European Itinerary should be a virtual cultural route comprising the ancient Mint buildings spread across Europe, which may also be visited in loco. This Itinerary will allow future visitors to understand the relation between the ancient mints in the context of a common European monetary history. At the same time, different products and initiatives are being developed in order to promote and diffuse the itinerary as a whole, joining locations to visit by what they have in common. The network of relations and contacts created will be, in the end, an added value, generator of future activities and new projects to be held in the European space.
The project includes 4 work areas, all geared towards developing several products:
  1. Organization of an Inventory which includes all available information regarding Mints and creating a common Web-site,, in order to implement contacts, diffuse information and develop activities.
  2. Development of building restoration programs and museum infrastructures for historic Mints.
  3. Publication of a guide-book with the purpose of providing information to the general public, promoting the idea of a common European History and introducing Euro. Included on the program of the 700th anniversary of the Issuance of the Royal Mining Law and Minting Reform at Kutna Hora (Czech Republic), Euromint will also edit a catalogue of the related exhibitions.
  4. Activities addressed to the young public, which include the production of an educational kit (with a CD-ROM and other didactical material), an European school contest and several workshops on traditional metallurgy.
The scope of activities also embraces seminars on:
  • Inventory of resources and its diffusion
  • Design of mints museums
  • Education of the young public
All of which will be useful to evaluate and diffuse the results.
Along with the seminars, there will also be two international congresses, one of which will summarize and conclude the work, serving as a final evaluation and as a means of promoting and diffusing the results of the entire process.
The project formally ends in December 2002, leaving a platform capable of maintaining, continuing and further develop itself, both through the Web-site and the network of contacts built during the process. We predict the enlargement of the geographical area of co-operation to other continents.

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