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Mint NameInternational Mint Market Development Council
DescriptionConsortium of 7 Mints
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A consortium of government mints, the International Mint Market Development Council (IMMDC), has launched, a website designed to promote interest in coins and coin collecting worldwide.
The website features educational content about numismatics, links to websites of consortium members, links to credible numismatic organizations and publications, and news releases from IMMDC members. The site also features a dealer locator and a discussion forum. "The IMMDC has been meeting quietly for several years, planning a collaborative initiative to help expand the interest in coins worldwide," said Danielle Wetherup, President of the Royal Canadian Mint. "The new website is the first of many initiatives towards providing coin collectors with a tool to help their numismatic pursuits."
The seven members were The Austrian Mint; The Mint Bureau, Japan; The Royal Australian Mint; The Royal Canadian Mint; The Royal Mint (U.K.); The Singapore Mint; The Spanish Royal Mint and The United States Mint.

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