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Italian Mint - Zecca di Stato - Istituto Polografica e Zecca dello Stato
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Mint NameZecca di Stato, Istituto Polografica e Zecca dello Stato
DescriptionOfficial Italian State Mint
AddressPiazza Verdi 10, 00198 Roma, Italy
Telephone0039 06 85081
Fax0039 06 8508251
LanguagesItalian, English (Partial)

The Italian word for mint is "zecca", and may have been derived from the Arabic word "sikka". From it we get "zecchino", a coin denomination, which became corrupted to sequin.
The Mint – whose origins date back to the Roman age, specifically to 269 B.C., the year when the first silver coins were coined – became a part of the Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato in 1978. The Mint’s activities in Rome are currently carried out in two plants: the historical works located at via Principe Umberto – inaugurated on December 27, 1911, in the presence of King Victor Emmanuel III – and the fully refurbished works in Via Gino Capponi, that became operational in 1999.
In addition to its tasks within the institutional and exclusive context of national coinage, in which, over the last two years, the Mint was engaged in coining over 8 billion pieces of the new euro coins, it is also entrusted with the coinage of the legal tender of a number of foreign countries. It also deals with the minting of medals, badges, stamps, seals, punches and metal labels, which the Mint supplies to both the State Administration and private parties. Furthermore, the Mint produces a broad selection of art works, ranging from coins and medals for collectors, and small- and large-size sculptures, to enamels and art casts. The Mint - which continues the invaluable techniques and craftsmanship of the past, and the exquisite tradition of Italian craftsmanship, where art and technology go together with quality and advanced specialization – has executed the works of great master-engravers such as Pericle Fazzini, Emilio Greco, Aligi Sassu, Pietro Annigoni, Bino Bini, and Ugo Attardi.The I.P.Z.S. promotes and provides for the training of young artists, who represent countries and Mints from all over the world, through its “School of the Art of Medal-making”. This veritable laboratory of fine arts has been operational since 1907 and has always been connected with the productive work of the Mint.
Th Italian Mint website is quite poor. The colour scheme is quite dark, with poor contrast between text and background. One video is also very dark. contact details are hard to find.

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