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Kremnica Mint, Kremnica Monetary Institute Ltd - Hrvatski Novcarski Zavod d.o.o.
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Mint NameKremnica Mint, Kremnica Monetary Institute Ltd
DescriptionOfficial Kremnica Mint
AddressMincovna Kremnica, š.p., Štefánikovo nám. 25/24, 967 15 Kremnica, Slovakia
Telephone00421 45 6787863
Fax00421 45 6787801
LanguagesSlovak, English, German, Russian

The Kremnica Mint is continuously producing more than 670 years. The Mint history started on November 17th, 1328 e.i. on the day of its foundation by the King Charles Robert of the Anjou and promotion of the settlement on the rich gold ores free king town Kremnica. Final products of Kremnica gold mining were florins about what testified the first written reference from 1335. At the beginning of the second third of 14th century that were ducats, named " Good Kremnica ducats ". They became the Central European currency for several countries by reason of their beauty and constantly high purity of gold.
Medal designing started to develop from the end of 15th century. The replicas of the Renaissance as well as Baroque medals are still coined in some foreign mints.
Kremnica Mint took significant position in production volume compared with mints in Vienna, Prague, Štajerský Hradec, Bratislava, Alba Julia, Nagy Banya, Halle and Kutná Hora. The enormous volume of Mint production was at second half of 18th century during reign of Empress Maria Teresa. In the last quarter of 19th century, Kremnica Mint became the only mint of former Hungary. It also has a monopoly on the refining of precious metals.
Its website is in four languages, Slovak, English, German, and Russian.
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