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CountrySouth Africa
Mint NameSouth African Mint Company
DescriptionOfficial South African Mint
AddressOld Johannesburg Road, Gateway, Centurion, Republic of South Africa
PO Box 464, Pretoria 0001, Republic of South Africa
Telephone0027 12 677 2777
Fax0027 12 677 2690
E-mailCirculation Coins
Commemorative Coins

During the eighties, the Government initiated the deregulation of State activities and the South African Mint was privatised, with the SA Reserve Bank as the holding company. The South African Mint Company (Pty) Ltd was established on 1 September 1988 as a full subsidiary of the SA Reserve Bank.
It was clear that the Mint in Visagie Street would be inadequate to meet the future demand for coinage. As the premises did not lend themselves to further expansion, the decision was taken to relocate the Mint.
The new Mint at Gateway, Centurion was completed in October 1990 and officially opened during October 1992
The South African Mint produce some good products. Unfortunately its website is not one of them. It is very difficult to navigate. We considered submitting as one of the world's worst websites. Even viewing on a 22" monitor, some text overlaps other texts because of the "clever" graphical layout.
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