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Mint NameTurkish State Mint
DescriptionOfficial Turkish Mint
Telephone0090 212 275 09 50
Fax0090 212 274 90 94
LanguagesTurkish, English

The first coins are believed to have been minted in Lydia about 650 B.C., in what is now part of modern day Turkey.
The Mint was moved to its current buildings in Topkapi Palace from the Simkeshane Caravanserai in 1723, under the rule of Sultan Ahmet III. After that, it was enlarged by the addition of new workshops and "HÜNKAR DAIRESI" in the garden, in 1832. Preliminary work on the opening of the third mint facility, which is the current one in Yildiz-Besiktas, dates back to 1953. Metal coin demand was projected to increase in the following years, therefore new equipment was purchased. Construction of the new building started in mid-1961, and production began on July 8, 1967.
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