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Bank NameDanmarks Nationalbank
DescriptionDanish Central Bank
AddressHavnegade 5, 1093 København K, Denmark
Telephone0045 33 63 63 63
Fax0045 33 63 71 03
LanguagesDanish, English

Mint NameDanish Royal Mint
DescriptionOfficial Danish Mint

Under the terms of the Constitution, the production of coinage in Denmark is a royal prerogative. Since 1975 the administration of the Royal Mint has been assigned to the National Bank of Denmark, which is responsible for providing the country with money.
Sven I Forkbeard’s penning in c. 995 was the first coin with the name of the King and the country to be struck, and by the Middle Ages certain types must already have been struck in millions.
In 1541 the coins were furnished with an indication of value, marks at 16 skilling at 3 hvid at 4 pennings. The daler was 3, later 4, and finally 6 marks. The krone or 4 marks was assigned a place in the coinage in 1625. Banknotes, which were issued by the Kurantbank, came into permanent use in 1737.
After the so-called State Bankruptcy in 1813 the coinage was reformed, and 1818 saw the establishment of the National Bank, which issued the banknotes. In 1873 a change was made to krone and øre, and the silver standard was replaced by the gold standard, which meanwhile was abandoned in 1931. Since 1920 almost all coins have been struck in copper and nickel alloys.
On account of inflation there is now a tendency to mint coins with increasing face values (5 kr. in 1960, 10 kr. 1979, 20 kr. 1990), while the smaller coins (1, 2, 5 and 10 øre) have disappeared. The use of banknotes is limited to a small number of values, especially 100 kroner and – since 1997 – 200 kroner. Generally speaking Denmark’s coinage must be said to be characterised by stability and by a certain inflation.
The Danish Royal Mint is officially represented by the Royal Norwegian Mint. See Norway.
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